Honda Accord 2007 4 cyl SE 84,000 miles recommended services?

Change oil every 3500 miles – changed trans fluid once at 40,000 miles-got three more years of payments-what are the best service(s) to preform to maintain life of vehicle?-running 40 mile per day 1/2 highway 1/2 local

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  1. Follow the Owners manuals Scheduled Maintenance and you are good to go. Honda is very good about keeping a good plan for maintenance. I see no reason your Honda should go 250-300K. Of course you will need to replace brakes and tires, probably a battery and a light bulb or two. But for the most part just normal tire rotations and oil changes. I’m glad to here you change your oil often, this is one of the best cost effective maintenance procedures you can perform.

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