1998 Cadillac Catera Question

My question is:  If my initial complaint was: Oil mixing w/water & running hot.  Was the issue misdiagnosed & should this be under warranty.  Here is the issue:

Estimate stated; $2700 for Head Gasket Job. I paid the $2755.65.  Receive a 12 month warranty on the repairs. Next day oil light came on… Got a $60 estimate for an oil sensor… 2 1/2 weeks later… the oil is mixing with the water again. We take it back again, this time an $1130.83 estimate for an engine cooler.. Repair shop says not related to $2700 issue thus not covered under warranty. 


2 thoughts on “1998 Cadillac Catera Question”

  1. I suppose it would come down to the warranty itself. Were the parts and labor for a specific job what was warranted? Or was the diagnoses what was warranted or both?

    It is possible that there was more than one thing wrong with the vehicle at the time of the initial repair. It would seem that you shouldn’t have to pay a diagnostic fee the second time around for the similar issue. However, you did not pay for a engine cooler before and therefore it would not be covered by any shops standards in most cases.

  2. These are known for the engine oil cooler going bad and causing your exact symptoms.
    I would think this was the culprit all along and shop misdiagnosed it…a lot of shops/techs miss this on the Cateras the first time.
    Proving it is another story.
    They should cover the labor and diag and you shold only pay for the part.

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