scion tc front end noise

I have a scion tc 2005. Its been making a spring like grinding sound from the drivers side front end when accelerating at low speed, hitting the brakes at low speed and sometimes when turning the wheel. Its almost a squeaking but more defined. I am thinking strut but maybe it could be a bushing? Im not sure, but the car was in an accident and in order to get it in alignment I had to have a drivers side front end suspension clip installed. The sound was never present even after the accident until the clip was put in. Is it possible the strut was bad when the used suspension clip was purchased. Im pretty sure if a bushing was bad my mechanic would have noticed it. Please Help!

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  1. it is possible the strut was bad when the used suspension clip was purchased. But, First I would have the brakes inspected to be sure they are working properly and are safe. Anytime a vehicle has been in an accident it is important to double check these things. To often the Body shops are most concerned with the appearance of the car and not so much with the mechanics of the car. Also would be a good idea to make sure the wheel isn’t rubbing against the caliper or strut as something may have been bent and this might also be why the alignment shop had to add something.

  2. The brakes and everything was carefully inspected not by the body shop but by a mechanic. He had to add the suspension clip because I guess one or more of those components was bent. But the noise is I believe the strut, I just wonder if its normal for a strut to make that kind of noise at those particular times.

  3. I know I meant normal as in normal when it is defective, As opposed to a clunking noise as I hear most people describe a defective strut.

  4. Some noises are difficult to detect even with the physical vehicle.

    Symptom indicates the noise is mostlikely to be from something scraping when movement occurs with the suspension and drive axles. Have you checked the wheel bearings for sideplay? It could also be from a dry ball joint or bush.

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