Blown IGN Fuse

I have a 1995 Cadillac that keeps blowing the IGN fuse, (along with no Twilight Sentinel, if headlights are on, they ding that alarm sound the whole time the lights are on, the gas gauge flashes E for empty, it’s not…. What’s wrong with the car? My mechanic wants me to get A BCM, Body Control Module… which is expensive and hard to find, is that what is wrong with the car? When I google my car’s symptoms there’s never an answer but plenty of people have this problem, what is wrong with my car? Please……

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  1. There are many strange things that can happen with electronics when they are not working right. This can make you wanna chase all kinds of things in all different directions. The best approach when dealing with an electrrical issue is to isolate each circuit and concentrate on that.

    Since you mention an IGN fuse blowing, lets start there. The fuse has a number on it, probably 30. This stands for the amount of amperage draw limitation before it will blow. These means everything on that circuit when working properly should draw less than 30 amps. Now that the fuse is blowing, this indicates something is drawing more than the allowed 30 amps. Another thing to concider is a short. If the fuse blows instantly then the odds are pretty good that you have a direct short. This could be a wire rubbed through or an internal short on a circuit board such as the BCM.

    You will have to isolate each component(disconect it) and test it. If you suspoect the BCM you may want to simple unplug it and see if it no longer blows the fuse right off. If not, thats a pretty good indication that ht eissue is internal with the BCM – Body Control Module.

  2. I had to replace my starter this week and now the IGN1 10 amp fuse in the rear compartment block isn’t blowing anymore. BUT, the twilight sentinel still isn’t working, the fuel data still flashes E for empty, with the headlights on, there is still the chiming alarm the whole time I’m driving… Also now, every time I start the car, the Auto fan (Electronic Climate Control) comes on and also my Trip Set resets itself to zero every time I start the car. I need the Trip Set in order to know how far I’ve gone since my display flashes Empty.

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