Jul 182012

my 2006 ford taurus is having trouble starting.  it used to start right up and then a few months ago it started starting hard.  will usually start up after 1st or 2nd try, sometimes take 3-4.  fuel pump is working.  changed the fuel filter.

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  1. When you say hard to start is the engine turning over or is it just click and nothing?

  2. hello i had a 2003 ford f 350 super duty diesel 6.0 i i had a crank no start, hooked up the scantool and did some diagnostic and found that the pcm needed replacing. i ordered one but the parts guy told me i would need a ford vcm to reprogram the pcm before it would work. i bought one now they’re telling me that the vcm does not work on diesel pickup trucks what you i do?

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