Jul 142012

Hi I wonder if u can help me with my opel astra 1.4 carb 1995 model?
I jump started my fathers Nissan Champ bakkie 2 days ago,one of the
Jumper cables toutched my distrubutor when my car just died.After that
I did not have power at my coil.I did replace the coil,ecu and had my
Distrubutor tested witch is working.A mecanic told me to take my alarm
System out witch is a Auto Watch 276 RLi.I took it out and still get no
Power to the coil or ecu or distubutor.Please help
Me I will be very glad.

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  1. If you have not already, please take the time to check your ECM FUSE. And all the fuses for that matter.

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