Car will not crank

I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix and the headlights would not come on so when I got the car checked at the parts store I was told that the battery was functioning at 0%.  I purchased a new battery and then I had to get a starter.  Now the car still will not crank and the headlights will not come on.  I also tried to see if the car had gone into sleep mode.  What are your suggestions for my next step?

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  1. It sounds like the battery voltage is not getting to the car. This could be caused by a bad/weak battery, loose or dirty/corroded connections.

    I would first make sure the battery end cables are clean and free of corrosion. I would then use a meter to test the battery. I would then make sure the battery cables are connected securely.

    Once you are certain you have a good battery and voltage is getting to the car then you can test for battery voltage at the starter. With the key being held in the “start” position you should see battery voltage at the “S” terminal on the starter. If you do and it does not crank over, replace the starter. If you do not see battery voltage, trace the the wiring. A wiring diagram may be useful for this. See tab at your left.

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