Coolant leak on 2005 Pontiac 3.8L V6 engine

A small black elbow tube located right side engine above the water pump and forward of the alternator on this engine has developed a large coolant leak where the elbow tube enters into the casting.
Need to identify this elbow part and how to go about repairing the coolant leak. I have .pdf pictures of the part if this will help with identification.


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  1. This is a common issue with the 3.8L engines. The black elbow can be described as such at any local parts house to acquire a replacement part. The tube has o-rings on both ends and you need but to only remove and replace it. The new elbow will come with new o-rings on it.

    Of course drain the cooling system when cool before removing it. If you need step by step procedures, follow the auto repair manuals link to your left.

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