1988 honda civic motor – d15b2 Cranks but no start

I have replaced Fuel Relay, Distributor with Ignition Coil, Timing is perfect, I have spark, Fuel. Driving one day, everything fine and then the engine just cut out while driving and never restarted. Compression test shows , 1C = 70pnds, 2C = 80 pnds, 3C=80pnds, 4C = 100pnds. No reason for this to have happened. Vehicle engine is two years old. Please help

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  1. An engine needs 4 things to run
    1) Fuel
    2) Spark
    3) Compression
    4) Timing(at the right time)

    You have to be missing one of these. Most common would be a broken timing belt. All cylinders should be within 20 psi of each other. They seem pretty close. You can add a teaspoon of oil to each cylinder and retest compression to see if it increases, but they are not to far off.

    Do your spark plugs looked fouled or extra dry? this would tell a lot. When you say it has fuel , are you meaning it has fuel pressure? does it also have injector pulse?

    Have you tried starting fluid to see if it will try and run?

    Resource: http://www.freeautomechanic.com/nostart.html

  2. The compression should be at 150 and it is no where near it. I dont know what happened that caused the compression to drop. It has fuel at the injector, I looked when it trys to start. I just replaced the plugs today, and still no start.

  3. Thank you so much, I added oil to each cylinder and the compression shot up to 150 or better in each one, cranked the motor and it started. Thank you so much for the help

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