Cooling system

I have a 1994 jeep Cherokee Sport inline6 4.0L. I have changed the serpintine belt, radiator, secondary radiator fan, radiator hoses. Still leaking coolant from freeze plug on driver side but not enough to loose all the coolant. After filling with coolant I drive it and it overheats after about 3 miles stop and go city driving. Only options left I assume thermostat and water pump. What one do I check 1st?

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  1. Check the thermostat first, once the engine reaches normal operating temperature, with the radiator full of coolant, the top radiator hose and lower radiator hose should be hot. If not, the thermostat is not opening and should be replaced.

    As for the freeze plug leaking, i would add some “Bars Stop Leak” to the cooling system and it should take care of it since it is a small leak.

    If you find that you have no external leaks and are still losing coolant it is time to look at internal consumption by means of a possible blown head gasket. A compression test would be the best way to go about checking for this.


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