” check LR turn signal” Light

Ok…..so my check turn signal light just came on….and sure enough, the turn signal does not work. The brake light and the running light run on the same bulb as the turn signal….but the bulb is only working for the running light, and not the turn signal or brake light. Any suggestions? Could it still be the bulb even though it works for the running light? I dont know anything about cars and I cannot afford a mechanic…..please help

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  1. Absolutely the bulb! These bulbs are a duel eliment bulb, so just one eliment inside the single bulb is burnt out. Replacing the bulb should take care of it. In some cases you can have the local shop replace the bulb just as cheap as just buying the bulb. My shop charges a mere $6.00 including the bulb so it might be worth calling around if your not sure how to replace the bulb yourself.

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