1994 chevy camaro 3.4 liter

according to oil pressure guage,oil pressure went from normal 60lbs to70-75lbs,did oil and oil filter change 40 miles ago, oil pressure still running at 75lbs what would cause oil pressure to run high?

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  1. Couple things would increase oil pressure reading.
    1) Temperature – if the outside temperature is colder than usual, you will see a higher oil pressure until the engine warms the oil. The oil becomes thicker when exposed to colder temps.
    2) The oil that was in the engine before you had it changed had an excessive amount of miles on it and the new oil does not.
    3) the New oil was a thicker weight of oil than was previously in the engine.
    4) The oil pressure sending unit is starting to fail.

    No matter the cause, Higher oil pressure will not Damage the internal components of the engine. A low oil pressure reading would be when to start worrying.

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