1999 chevorlet cavalair

the car is getting hot and I have changed the water pump and hoses and thermostat and even the cap on the overflow and can’t figure out why its still getting hot ?

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  1. Couple things come to mind.

    First off I would confirm the temperature reading with the use of an external infrared Temperature gun. If the gun reading is less than the temp gauge, your temperature sending unit will probably need replaced.

    If the reading are the same, and you are certain that the cooling system has been bled properly, the next step would be to use a cooling system pressure tester to check for leaks and to see if the pressure increases when the engine is running.

    If you have a coolant leak, fix it.
    If you have no coolant leak and the pressure does increase with engine running, your head gasket is bad or head is cracked.
    If you have no leak and no pressure increase, Next you will need to perform a compression test on each cylinder to check for a blown head gasket. Each cylinder should be with in 20 psi of each other.

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