2008 Chevy Uplander

I have a 2008 Chevy uplander, went to start it the other day there were 2 quick beeps It didn’t even turn over. Message on dash said service engine soon. tried a little later on with my remote start, message on dash now said starting disabled, service theft system, also now on dash it says service traction control system, still wont turn over when I turn key to start there is a click , battery is fully charged, used a multi meter as Lori turned key stayed at 12.65 didnt drop. Any ideas?

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  1. The place to check for voltage would be at the “S” terminal on the starter itself. If you see voltage here when the key is turned to the “START” position and it doesn’t start, then you need to replace the starter.

    Another thing you can try to rule out a security system hick up:
    Make sure the battery is fully charged. Disconnect the battery.
    Turn the Key to the “ON” Position and then reconnect the battery, once connected, turn the key forward to the “Start” position.

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