1986 Toyota Corolla DL FWD

What would be most likely to cause the engine to hesitate during acceleration when the engine is warm? Carburetor has just been rebuilt.

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  1. If it didn’t hesitate before the carburetor was rebuilt, I would say the carb. needs to be adjusted.

    If it was hesitating before you had the carburetor rebuilt, i would lean more towards a good tune up as you plugs and wires are most likely breaking down.

    Is there a check Engine Light on?

  2. Check engine light is not on. Before carb was rebuilt, the engine, when fully warmed up, would idle down so low at a stop that it would die while the car was in drive (this is an automatic), but the idle would pick up and smooth out when I put it in neutral. Since the rebuild, it’s not doing that anymore, but is doing the hesitation with acceleration when the engine is fully warmed up. Also, I should have said, it does it about half the time – not with every acceleration. Plugs, wires and distributor cap were replaced about 2,000 miles ago.

  3. It is possible
    1) that you have some bad gas, try using a higher octane the next go around
    2) the ignition timing needs to be adjusted
    3) the carburetor needs to be fine tuned.

    1)if it feels like it is just falling on its face and then taking off it is most likely a carburetor issue.
    2) if it feels like it is sputtering and then takes off, it is most likely an ignition issue… coil,plugs,wires,cap,rotor, TIMING
    3)if the engine is revving just fine but the car starts moving slow and than rpms come down as the car moves quicker, the transmission is slipping

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