1998 honda crv. awd. standard shift

my rear differential is making a squeeling sound and is also slipping. i replaced the fluid with honda rear differential fluid but it is still squeeling and slipping and it getts really hot.

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  1. This may be from the bearings going bad. When you changed the differential fluid did you note a slightly metallic tint to the color. Shinny or sparkly fluid is an indication of the bearings breaking down. If this is the case the internal bearing will need to be replaced.

    If the fluid was nice and clean, then most likely your rear differential clutch is going out. You will need to replace the clutch and pressure plate.

    Remove the shim and the clutch guide.
    1998 Honda clutch guide- FreeAutoMechanic.com

    Remove the clutch hub/plates/discs and the pressure plate.
    1998 Honda rear Differential clutch - FreeAutoMechanic.com

    1998 Honda CRV Rear Differential Clutch Removal

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