1998 honda crv. awd. standard shift

my passanger side front cv shaft has alot of play in it, where it goes into the transmission. i replaced the cv shaft but it is still has play in it and it pops out of place even after i made sure it locked into the transmission. is my transmission bad or is it a bearing or is my cv shaft bad?

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  1. CV Shaft is fine of it has no play when rotating it forward and backward. If the play is up and down play, you are looking at internal bearing play in the transmission.
    It should take significant force to get the shaft to come out, make sure the Set Ring is in place on the end of the shaft.

    1998 Honda CRV front drive shaft - Freeautomechanic.com

  2. thanks for helping me. how do i replace the internal bearing in the transmission what all will i need. and do you have detailed instructions thanks hank

  3. You would need a housing puller P/N 07HAC-PK40102 to start, would run you a little over $200

    For detailed instructions I recommend and online manual, top right hand of this page. This covers your specific vehicle.

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