Feb 102013

My cars runs rough at idle while in gear. It runs smooth when I put it in neutral or park. What should I check?

  One Response to “1999 hyundai sonata gls v6”

  1. First, if the check engine light is on, you need to pull the codes and post them back.

    If there is no check engine light on, The first thing I would do is to clean the throat of the throttle body so that your idle smooths out. I use brake wash and a rag, engine not running. Clean the throat with the butterfly held open and around the butterfly. This should allow a little bit more air in that it once was able to.

    The Second thing to consider would be when the last time you had a simple tuneup?
    If it has been a while, you might want to through in some new spark plugs and check you air filter for replacement.

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