Hyundai accent 2001

I overfilled my oil on Monday night, as I was just trying to top off and overdid it. On Thursday things began to have issues…white smoke out of the exhaust, car seizing up on the road, shaking while idling and taking alot of effort to get up to 20-30mph. I left it alone on Friday, emptied the oil on Saturday and replaced the filter and put only 2 liters of fresh oil in. Still have the white smoke and the shakes. Am I doomed here?

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  1. White smoke is generally a sign of anti-freeze burning in side the engine and exits through the tale pipe.

    I would check your coolant level and see if you are missing any. If you are, you will want to have a compression test performed on each cylinder to see if you have a blown head gasket.

    As for only putting 2 qts of oil in the engine, this is not a good thing to do. Try to keep the oil level at full as this is the only thing that lubricates the engine and you will cause damage without the right amount.

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