2002 kia sportage

I have a 2002 KIA Sportage that dies sometimes when placed in gear or during deceleration .
Also the shift interlock is inoperative. I have checked all the wiring, connectors and relays. Someone has removed the radio by cutting the wires at the plug . During my exam I noticed that grounding the black and white wire in the radio part of the
harness kills the engine. I have isolated the wire to prevent it from grounding out.  It does Have 3 pending codes in the ECM
P0300 P0304 P0303 all three are misfire codes. The vehicle does start and run and will shift when the interlock is overridden manually

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  1. P0300 is multiple engine misfire
    P0304 is misfire cylinder #3
    P0304 is misfire cylinder #4

    From these codes you may need to have a coil or two replaced, and might as well have the spark plugs replaced at the same time.

    Shift interlock solenoid itself should be tested and replaced since all the wiring has already been checked. The shift interlock should be considered a separate issue.

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