May 222013

Hello: My car’s computer keeps going out When working the car runs great.. How do I fix that? And where is the voltage regulator located on this car?

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  1. The voltage regulator is internal in the alternator. As for the computer going out, you may want to check the connections and wiring to make sure there is no thing shorting it.

  2. 1988 Delta 88: Motor turns over but won’t start. I checked all relays plugs and wires they are good. Is it my fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator?

  3. First you need to see if you are missing SPARK and or FUEL. If you have spark and no fuel, you will need to check for fuel injector pulse. If you have injector pulse… check you fuel pump inertia switch.

    If you have no spark or injector pulse, check your ECM fuse

    If you have injector pulse and spark, test your fuel pressure. Zero pressure and power to the pump.. replace pump.

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