2000 Hyundai elantra

I just got this car on the 2 of April 5 days later I was having problems with it. when I test drove it, it was perfect and then out of no where when I was hitting 20 mph second gear it would slip and rev up a Lil I would have to let off the gas then it would shift into gear. could it be the solenoid shift chip. the car lot took it back claimed that they changed the filter and fluid and then it did stop but now its doing it again. What could it be?

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  1. Most likely reason would be is the transmission fluid level was low. If the fluid level is not low but the fluid was quite dark in color, before they changed it) then most likely the transmission will need to be rebuilt.

    If the fluid color looked new and was full then it may be a shift solenoid issue. Best option would be to have a transmission shop have a look at it for diagnosis.

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