1990 dodge dynasty 3.0

I have a 1990 Dodge Dynasty 3.0. I drove the car around one afternoon running to some stores. Park the car that night and the next morning go to start it all it does is turn over. I check for fire on the coil with screwdriver and had fire. I sprayed starter fluid in throttle body and it act like it wanted to start. The next day I tried this. I don’t have a fuel pressure gauge so i pulled hose off the fuel filter on gas tank side and had a stream of a good size. then switch hoses to the motor side of the fuel filter and the same.I check hoses and pull spark plug wires then I went to see what the diagnostic codes was using the ignition switch. Well no light had to pull dash apart. No bulb put one in get code 12,17,26,51. I have not start the car yet. Neighbor come buy and show him what it was doing and it fired right up turned it off and on three or four times still fires up. Let it set for half an hour and then it was really hard to get started but it fired up. I hope you can help. Thank You.