May 172013

Hello i have a question…..i recently bought a used 1997 bmw 7 series 162,358 miles from a guy i work with. He told me the only problem is the o2 sensor and he said he drove the car like that for about a year becuase he forgot to change it out. How long can i drive before it starts causing major problems? Can i run my air conditioning? Money is tight wondering if i should get this fixed asap. Thanks

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  1. Ultimately you can drive the car forever without changing the O2 Sensor. However, if the o2 sensor that is bad is one of the front two it may have a direct result in your fuel mileage. If it is one of the back 2 sensors, it will not change anything to do with the drive-ability of the vehicle as they are there for emissions only.

    The Air Conditioning has nothing to do with O2 Sensors, use it if you got it.

  2. Thank you sooo much i apprecite it! Ill get it checked to see which one it is.

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