1997 BMW 740il

Hello question… i have a 97 BMW 740il 162,359 miles.today my dad told me that when he was.moving the car that it had an oil leak. My car isn’t the only one in his driveway as we do share but he said there was a spot under it when he moved it. The car has been there for 2 weeks. When i drove it, it drove perfect. Is it possible i might Still have a leak or???

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  1. An oil leak will not cause the car to run different until the oil level gets too low and causes internal engine damage. The oil leak won’t just disappear either. If it had a leak, it is still has a leak until you have it fixed. The good news about a small oil leak is that you can drive the car forever like that as long as you keep the oil level topped off properly(DO NOT OVERFILL)

    So start by checking the oil level daily and then you may determine that you only need to check it once a week or once a month depending on how bad the leak is.

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