Jun 032013

Usually on the highway, my vehicle will show the warning light (Master vehicle electrical hazard warning lamp) with the message “Stop Safely Now” and will power down and I have to pull over. So I pull over, turn off the power, and sit for a couple of minutes, and then start it up again and go a little bit farther till it happens again. Sometimes it might only do it a couple of times and other times it may do it 15 times until I can get it home. My husband had an R&R sensor replaced at a Ford dealership awhile back and we thought that it had fixed the problem. I have driven it on a trip of 1500 miles and it never once gave me this problem, but recently it has started to act up again and I am hesitant to get it back out on the highway. Any ideas?

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  1. First thing i would do is check with the dealership to find out if the Sensor you had replaced is under warranty. If it is, i would have it checked first.

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