1997 mustang v6

need location of fuel injector harness

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  1. Fuel Injection Supply Manifold

    The fuel injection supply manifold (9F792) delivers high-pressure fuel from the vehicle fuel supply line to the fuel injectors. The fuel injection supply manifold consists of:
    •a tubular fuel rail.
    •fuel injector connectors.
    •a mounting flange to the fuel pressure regulator (9C968).
    •mounting attachments which locate the fuel injection supply manifold and provide fuel injector retention.
    •fuel inlet and outlet connections with push connect fittings.
    1997 Mustang fuel injection

    1) Fuel Charging Wiring
    2) Fuel Pressure Regulator
    3) Bolt
    4) Bolt
    5) Fuel Injector
    6) Fuel Injector Supply Manifold
    7) Lower Intake Manifold
    8) LH Cylinder Head
    9) RH Cylinder Head

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