1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24 2.4l DOHC

I was having issues with my engine, idling rough and having no power in gear. Replaced Crank and Camshaft sensors as well as throttle position sensor. New plug and wires, ignition coils, Ignition control module and the Engine control module(the Computer) none of that fixed the problem. Finally replaced the ignition coil Adapter (which on my car is basically the distributor) this worked. the car ran absolutely great, had power, engine was idling very smooth. Then today on my way to a dr appt I suddenly lost all power, RPMS went down to zero, car did not die. Got off to the side, shut it down and it would NOT crank back over. engine would turn but not crank. Code scanner pulled Crank position sensor circuit malfunction and Cam position sensor ckt range/perf.

both of these sensors are brand new…
Replaced both sensors again and now car is again running great, but i’m afraid to drive that something could cause them to go out again…engine making NO noise at all not detectable wiring issues that can be seen… what could cause two new sensors to fail and should i be concerned with them failing again

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  1. You could perform what is called a “Wiggle Test” on the wiring from the crank sensor and cam sensor. You can also do this while using a continuity tester. This should let you know if you have a wiring issue.

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