Brake Rotor Build Up

Ever since I got this 2005 T&C Minivan I have had brake problems. From the factory the right front caliper had never operated. I fixed that easily. At that time I upgraded to drilled and slotted front rotors and and ceramic pads and got good results. However after just a few thousand miles the rotor faces developed a build up of material and had to be chipped off. I thought it was the ceramic pad material so I switched back to OEM pads and got the same build up. Should I plug the drilled holes? I changed rotor suppliers and now am considering the drilled holes and slots are my problem somehow. Pumping brake dust back onto the rotor faces.

1 thought on “Brake Rotor Build Up”

  1. I would go back to the factory OEM rotors and pads. Also test to make sure your calipers are releasing. Your hose could be collapsing and not allowing the calipers to release like they should causing the pads to rub longer.

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