lincoln ls 2001

I have a 3.9 engine it keeps overheating I put in a thermostat water pump and flush the radiator out and it still overheating I took a chemical test for heads and that was good and the fans are working and he bleeded the system what can it be


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  1. Something that is over looked quite often would be the radiator/fill cap. use an external temp tester to confirm it really is overheating and not a faulting sending unit.
    If there are any leaks, they must be fixed. Pressure test the cooling system to confirm the lack of any leak.

  2. Have you checked to see if your fan is working in a higher speed because sometimes it just works in a low speed because your sensor is messed up I checked that that’s where I’d start I had the same issue and that was the deal and sure enough I change the actuator or the cooling sensor which is located on the back of the hydraulic pump and it works

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