2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Truck is accelerating on its own when there is no pressure on the gas. I tried to stop, but truck kept pulling, had to put brakes to the floor to get it to come to a stop, skidding as truck wanted to keep pushing. I turned it off and it shut off hard (usually would just shut down) but it jerked hard and then a short sputter. It started fine, but as I started to brake exiting parking lot same pushing and skidding and starting to accelerate on its own again. And has random high idle. Was wondering if it could be TPS sensor?

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  1. This 2006 Silverado has a Throttle By Wire setup. These do wear out from time to time and will have to be replaced if this is your issue but it sounds like you may have more than one issue here.

    Your mention skidding which would be hard since this truck also came with ABS. Is your ABS Light on or off?

    If the ABS light is off and when you go to stop the truck will roll forward another 10 feet before it will stop then most common reason for this would be a failing speed sensor located inside the front hub bearings. You can remove the ABS fuse from the under-hood fuse block and test drive it. This will turn off the ABS system from working and the ABS and Brake light will illuminate on the dash. If you find the truck stops fine with the fuse removed you can drive it like this for as long as you would like but keep in mind your hub bearings are probably going bad and this is why the internal hub bearing sensor is going bad.

    As for intermittent high idle, the most common cause for this would be a vacuum leak.

    Post back your findings in the comments below.

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