1995 Isuzu Trooper

trooper suddenly started getting hard to start in the am, takes longer than usual to run!,smell gass, only way to start now is clean all gas fouled spark plugs, then runs perfect till parked overnight or 6-8 hrs, changed all sensors LOST, PLZ HELP THANX!

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  1. First thing that would be helpful is to have you post any check engine light codes. Second post what sensors you changed as well.

    Information question: have you replaced the spark plugs also?

  2. yes SORRY no mentor to test with but changed MAF, crank & coolant temp sensors, also new spark plugs , fuel filter, have not tested fuel pressure yet but check engine light does come after warming up, but still runs perfect, no misses or studders just slow to run after setting overnight, I have killed the new battery and fried starter while cranking, both new and volts are near 14 no other dash warnings come on!

  3. all engine sensors, new coil pack, wires, spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator, no check engine lights on even done fuel pressure test and injector pressure holds all to within factory specs., just keeps flooding cyls. and gas fouling plugs when morning starting, still having to clean spark plugs to run, have new fuel pump, but havent changed yet! WHAT ELSE COULD BE CAUSING? HEELLPP!!!

  4. You may have a sticking fuel injector.. not to common but I have seen it. If you have one spark plug that looks a lot wetter than the others it could be a possibility.

    Also, check the TPS. needs to range from 0.0 to 5.0 on wide open throttle.

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