2004 hyundai senota 4 cylinder

i had the engine rebuilt after it sucked water through air intake and locked engine up. and car turns over real hard but starts, wont rev over 2000 rpms and will not go into gear now. i have replaced computer all sensors and had timing checked multiple time i have been trying to solve this prob for 6 months now and dont know what else to do any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. My first thought was an issue with the transmission binding or a convertor problem.

    My second thought would be, Did you put Oil in it and PRIME THE OIL PUMP before starting it?

    IF the engine idles fine, then it would be more of a timing issue than an internal engine issue. You checked timing, did you check

    If it doesn’t idle fine it could be as simple as a misfire from a cracked spark plug or something.

    I think you are looking at the right place but yet still over looking something. CHECK THE TIMING as if you were trying to show a NOOB how to do it themselves the next time… let us know what you find.

  2. first off thank you for the reply. second i have went as far as having the timing checked by a pro. the transmission was perfect before the rebuild and the car was running great untill it sucked water into the engine and locked it up. it has got to be something i am overlooking the engine starting hard but idling but dying over 2000rpms and the transmission now not going into gear they co inside some how but just dont know so any more feed back would be great

  3. With it idling smooth, is there a check engine light on? if so please post the codes.

    Does this engine have variable valve timing? or secondary air intake valves? just trying to think why it would run and idle but not want to rev over 2000 rpm.

    far fetched idea but does this thing have a Valet Key? or Anti-theft light on the dash? (probably nothing, but a thought)

    The trans issue is probably something didn’t get hooked back up properly.

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