93 Chevy Lumina 3.1 V-6

I left the ignition on overnight by accident, battery was dead next morning, I charged battery, car will start, idles faster than it did before and motor serges until warmed up then it won’t idle unless you keep your foot on the gas and brake. I’ve ran a scan several times with the engine light and it just repeats 12 over and over. What might I have overheated by leaving the ignition on that won’t show up in the scan or what might I have done period.

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  1. Sounds like it should be something simple. You must have left something loose around the air box or hose. This probably happened when getting under the hood and charging the battery.

    As far as the code, I wouldn’t worry about it too much just yet. Clear the code out and see if it comes back or not. Computers do funny things when they don’t have full voltage.

  2. it cranks over fine nothing spraying into the carb. 2 years ago put new coil tried putting that thing under the roter in distribuater cleaned them wires and started. today checked all fuses. dont have garage so checking is fast.

  3. First thing to do would be to see if you are getting spark and fuel.

    If you are getting spark, try spraying some starting fluid in the air filter while someone else holds the gas pedal to the floor and cranks. If it starts, you are out of gas or have a fuel related issue.

    If you are not getting spark or gas, most common cause would be a blown ECM fuse or bad ECM


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