1991 Chevrolet S10 extended cab v6 4.3L CID 4×4 170k

I’m thinking about buying this truck tomorrow and could use some advice. The vehicle was a trade-in at a local dealership, and it only had one owner as I can gather from the carfax.

The only problem: check engine light. I’m not sure if it’s solid, blinking,  or intermittent. The dealer called me at the last second before I made the 40 minute trip over there. Should I keep negotiating with them, or walk away with a just an inquiry to my credit?


This truck is in near mint condition

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  1. A solid check engine light – no worries as it is emissions related and will not cause harm to the engine. The repair should be made, but can be done when you have the time and convenience.

    A blinking or flashing check engine light – Must fix it before you drive it at all or you WILL cause damage to the engine.

    Intermittent solid light, same as solid. no worries.

    I wouldn’t worry about a solid light on if the truck is what you want, get it. If it is flashing, I would make them fix it or don’t buy it. I may cost you more than you pay for the truck…

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