Chevy s10 blazer 1983

Can you put a different year differential on a 1983 chevy s10 blazer

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  1. YES! Heck Yeah. Now were talkin’. You can change the the diff, you can swap just the gear or ring and pinion. But make sure they match. You can take the “pig” out of a 1977 Chevy that has a 373 gear and swap out you 1983 Chevy 308. If your gonna go with a 410 you will need to swap the pinion as well. Chevy’s 10 bolt gears must stay with 10 bolt carrier, same as 12 bolt and so on.

    Note: Chevy rear ends will has to be re set up meaning different shims, etc. Ford rear gears, not so much.

    If it is 4wd, you will need to match the front and rear gear ratio.

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