1982 Ford EXP

The car’s electrical system randomly blinks/loses power and there is no visible consistent acts or situations to when it will occur. The engine always keeps running with no hesitation. Whats the possible problem?

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  1. This is Definitely an electrical situation to which a loss of connection is taking place. Unfortunately this kind of issue can be tricky to fix since it is tough to know if what you just did took care of it until the situation occurs again.

    Most likely causes:
    1. Corrosion on, at and under battery terminals and connecting wire around battery.
    2. Corrosion inside battery cable, connecting wires or around battery. this means under the coating of the wire, it will generally look blackish or burnt.
    3. Loose connections, bridal wires(due to age)
    4. Lost or bad ground connections. Rusted or rusty. Needs to be clean. (ALL GROUNDS, start at battery)
    5. if it has been wrecked, start around that area.

    Clean all corrosion and connections first. Then test it , and test it again. Then and only then would I break out the multi-meter and start tracing wires.

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