Dec 222013

new battery new alternator,alt. is charging now,when i remove the heavy 12 volt output wire from the alt.i get no red battery warning light on the dash, and i did not get a warning when the alt went out the day before,,just the dial volt meter gauge went to lower voltage,got stranded,thanks

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  1. First thing I would do, Turn key to “ON” position(not “START”) and look at the dash to see if the Battery Icon illuminates. If it does not, time to check the bulb/led in the dash or just keep an eye on those gauges.

    What happens when you disconnect the little wires form the alternator?

  2. yes i have a battery icon that lights when the key is turned,then goes out when started,i did not try disconnecting the smaller wires,i would think i should have a warning when the alt is not charging,thanks

  3. “What happens when you disconnect the little wires form the alternator?”

    Reason I ask is these are connected from the alternator to the PCM – Powertrain Control Module to which are connected to the internal micro-processor of the instrument cluster where the Charge indicator resides.

    You can use this 2003 Ford Explorer Charging System Wiring Diagram to trace the wiring and see where the issue lies.

  4. I disconnected the plug with the two smaller wires from the alt. and the battery icon light came on ,thanks

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