2005 kia rio

Check engine light on have had codes checked and had these items replaced. Oxygen sensors, throttle position sensor and NEW COMPUTER. ALL FROM DEALER! . Doing same thing. Check engine light on again and car still sputters on acceleration, and has rotten egg smell. Had cat converters checked and they said they are fine. At my wits end. Gas cap on tight. Got about 80% of my money back from dealer cause its not fixed yet……Help….had all things above changed out bc the codes said that. Also change another sensor, but cant remember what it was. It was located right behind air filter. This car has 90 000 miles. Please help

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  1. It would be super helpful to know what the check engine light codes are right now. Please post them in the comments below so we can help guide you in the right direction.

    The rotten egg smell usually comes from the converter being Hot and burning something it shouldn’t. Meaning the engine is running RICH and shoving to much fuel through the engine. Too much of this and it will ruin the converter. The Convertor needs to be tested with a back pressure gauge and should see 1.5 psi at idle and no more than 3 psi at 2,000 rpm. Did the shop use a gauge to determine the converter was OK?

  2. The codes were for the items that were replaced, I don’t remember the actual numbers. Yes the cat has been tested with the appropriate gauge at the dealership and tested fine.

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