2002 2.4L Hyundai Sonata

Radiator fan near passenger side stopped turning. Any suggestions? Just noticed,haven’t tampered with anything with it yet.

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  1. First the basics. Your car is equipped with two radiator fans. A Radiator fan located behind the left side of the radiator (drivers side) and a Condenser fan located behind the right side of the radiator (passenger side).

    So the fan you are describing by location would be the condenser fan. This fan should not come on unless you have turned on your air conditioning or are using the defroster. A quick way to test the operation would be to turn your air conditioning to Maximum High position.

    Then after visual check if the fan is not coming on, you would use a multi-meter to check for positive and negative at the fan motor. If you have both, replace the fan motor. If you do not have both. Check your grounds and relays. The condenser fan motor has 3 relays located in the under hood power distribution box. feel free to let us know your findings or if you need more assistance by submitting a comment below.

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