2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo

I have a manual transmission and I want to tow it 4 wheels down behind my motorhome.  Is there any mechanical reason. not to do this?  Seems you could put it in neutral, put the key in to unlock the steering wheel, and drive away But I don’t want to burn something up.


1 thought on “2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo”

  1. You can do this if you like but it will turn the drive axles the entire time. This may cause unwanted fuel mileage and wear on your drive-line components but it will tow. The owner’s manual of the beetle should ultimately be your source for information on towing the vehicle. Wouldn’t want you to mess up the warranty.

    Everything you’ll need to know about pulling the car or truck dinghy-style will be in the manual, including detailed instructions as to which fuses to pull (if any), the proper position for the transmission shift lever, which switches to leave on and which to turn off, and how often to run the engine for lubrication.

    While you can probably make almost any vehicle four-down-towable with aftermarket equipment, you’re better off using cars and trucks that are manufacturer certified for the job. As Toyota’s Dave Lee said of his company’s cars and trucks, “If it is listed as towable in the manual, we will stand behind it.”

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