Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor 271 engine

I have cleaned the throttle body and all that other pipes that goes to the throttle body. I have put a new pipe that goes from the air filter to the cylinder head cover. The car does not want to start now

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  1. What did you use to clean the throttle body? Did you spray it up inside and let it run all over? or did you do it the right way and spray the rag and wipe it out with the rag so as to not damage any of the sensors or connections?

    Did it run before you messed with it. If so, you may have just left something unplugged. Check your connections. Check you pipe connections to make sure they are sealed. If it is held together with hose clamps, make sure they are tight. If there is an air gap, it will send a false signal from the MAF – Mass Air Flow Sensor and not start.

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