1994 Chevrolet G20 Van

no power to fusebox for heater aux heater and power window circuits also speedometer will not work and transmission wont shift it stays in first but I can manually shift to second …..shut off vehicle and restart sometimes problem clears

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  1. Sounds like there may be some corrosion or bad wiring connecting to the fuse block. You will need to Check the wiring that provides power to that same side of the fuse block as the fuses that are not receiving power with the key on. You may end up needing to replace the wire from the battery to the fuse block.

    The first place I would look would be at the wire that connect to the battery, you may have corrosion or a bad connection. Clean everything and check for internal corrosion in the wires. You may need to remove a little section of the wires protective covering and look at the wire, if it looks blackish or greenish instead of shinny copper.. you may need to replace/repair that specific wire.

    Chevy Fuse Block Diagram

    There is a chance that the wiring from the ignition switch or the ignition switch itself may be bad. Test the wiring when the fuses are not receiving power and determine where the loss occurs.

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