2000 Lexus ES300

2000 Lexus ES300

Is there any correlation between the computer in the Lexus and the alternator and battery?

Sometimes my car won’t start or dies while idling. When I try to start it, it makes a rapid clicking noise and will start with a jump. I’ve had the battery replaced and the alternator replaced twice. Oddly, it sat on my driveway during 2 days of frigid temperatures, started immediately, but later stalled after some local driving. Any suggestions for my mechanic?

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  1. Yes, the computer gets its power from the battery. Without the battery the computer will not function or start. The Alternator charges the battery when the engine is running.

    Rapid clicking noise is an common indication of a bad battery. Get a GOOD battery with a good warranty, Lexus alternator tend to charge on the high side and seem to burn up batteries quickly. Nothing you can do to change that but make sure you have a good battery.

    The issue may be a bad or poor manufactured battery or heavily corroded battery cables or cable ends. Without a good clean connection at the battery, the alternator might as well be charging the air. Make sure they are cleaned when having the battery replaced.

    The alternator is fine or you would see a “battery light” on the dash and would not be able to jump start it and drive away.

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