1988 toyota 4/4 sr5 3.0 v6 manufactured 6/88

pickup has 235,000 miles.at about 150,000 miles starter relay started clicking very loud. then it sporadically started not engaging starter., but still clicks. if i leave it sit anywhere from an hour to all night, it will engage starter. so i changed starter relay. new relay clicked from beginning. now does same as old relay, periodically will not engage starter. what now?

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  1. Most likely the starter is shot. The brushes will wear out and not spin over. When they are going out they tend to be intermittent. You here the click because it is doing its job most likely. You an check to see if battery positive is being transferred to the other side of the solenoid on the starter the next time it won’t start. If it is getting power, the only thing it can be would be the starter motor. Replace it. If you do not see power on both terminals of the solenoid make sure power is being supplied to the “S” terminal on the solenoid and trace back form there if you do not see power at the “S” terminal when the key is put into the “START” position.

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