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I have a 96 gmc Sonoma that I bought with about 83000 on it and now it only has around 86000.  Since I bought it when driving it in OD it has never wanted to stay in overdrive when it gets hot.  It will do just fine when its cold and it will do just fine when you drive it in D but as soon as it gets hot the rpms will go up and down but it is absolutely not slipping im very sure of this.  I have replaced the fluid and filter but that’s about it.  I have transmission experience so if there is any more information I can give you to help me out with this just let me know.  Thank you very much for your help.  The transmission is very very clean like it has been out and possiblely rebuilt but im not for sure about that. Also wanted to add there are no check engine lights or anything on.


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  1. Lock up torque converter. Are you trying to stay at a steady speed when this occurs? like between 35 and 45. Test it around 65 to 75, if it seems fine at this speed, then it is definitely your lock up converter.

  2. and to be honest buddy I don’t think it will even get in overdrive at speeds that low but ive tried many different speeds as low as I possibly could

  3. There is a possibility of the O/D shift solenoid. You may need to hook up a scan toll that will allow you to see if and when the solenoids are being activated for testing and then may need to replace one of them. You may also want to have the codes scanned to see if there are any. these codes generally do not trigger the check engine light but are stored.

    The other issue may be if the transmission fluid was dark in color and smelled burnt, it just may need to be rebuilt. Kind of low mileage for this but if it was hot rodded of did a lot of excessive towing, a possibility.

  4. buddy that’s some great information I really appreciate it im going to check into reading the solenoids but the truck belonged to a older woman that lived on a farm and from what she told me just used it for going around feeding the animals and stuff but I know how reliable some info can been when buying something used I was thinking more along the lines that maybe she was having it rebuilt for some reason and since someone seen she was older kinda got over on her and just cleaned the tranny up but didn’t do anything internally. hell anythings possible but like I said I will check into that are there any other solenoids or anything else that would be worth swapping over while im in there?

  5. there were no codes stored in the system but I almost ready to swap out the solenoids but before I do I was trying to see if a bad solenoid would make the CEL come on everytime I just hate to dig all the way into that valve body for nothing

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