2001 Ford Escort

The car starts up just fine but the transmission will not release it from park to any other drive.

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  1. Your vehicle is equipped with a “SHIFT INTERLOCK” It is a type of safety feature. It makes it impossible to take the shifter out of park unless the brake pedal is pressed.

    Most vehicles have a bypass slot that you can press a key down into it and will allow you to take it out of park as a temporary measure.

    There are three fuses to check.
    1. The Stop fuse(20A) that provides power to the brake pedal switch
    2. The horn fuse(15A) that provides power to the the shift interlock actuator
    3. The Meter fuse(10A) second power source for the shift interlock actuator

    Let me know if you need further help with this matter by responding in the comments below.

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