2003 Saturn L200

This all happened within a couple of miles of driving home. First the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Then the battery light came on. Then there was some white smoke. I had to stop the engine at a store. When I started again, the engine almost didn’t turn over but it did start. But the idling was high as I left the parking lot. The final half mile home, the engine was jerky and the speedometer was stuck on 55 mph no matter what the actual speed, and the RPM was stuck on 3 (30,000?) no matter what speed.

1 thought on “2003 Saturn L200”

  1. My first thought would be that you lost a drive belt. This would keep the air conditioning form working which would have been the reason it stopped blowing cold air.

    The alternator would no longer work and would cause the battery light to come on an would make it hard to start as the battery is not getting charged and would also cause the dash instruments to no function as they should because of low voltage.

    The white smoke would be from overheating cause by the water pump no longer turning.

    All this can be a result from the drive belt missing. It may have broken and fell off. This would be the first place I would look.

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