2005 Dodge Dakota

Looking for answers to a problem with my 2005 Dakota 3.7 V6. It misses on slow acceleration between 35 and 55 mph. . if I mash the pedal it accelerates fine. . 2 check engine codes come up.  PO152 and PO300. . I have changed cat converter (whole unit) and all 4 O2 sensors.. upstream and down stream. . Fuel pressure is 52 PSI at idle and 62 PSI when revved up.. I have a good scanner but a lo of the info it gives me I have yet to understand.

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  1. Code P0152 : O2 Sensor 2 Bank 1 circuit high
    Code is set when the oxygen sensor voltage is above 3.99 volts for 30 seconds.

    Since it is Sensor 2 it only reads the functionality of the converter on the side and that is all it does. Will not cause an engine miss. I have to assume that the Code P0152 has cleared and you are left with Code P0300 Misfire. Or you cleared the codes and the P0300 is the only one that comes back.

    P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder misfire detected.

    This sounds like one of your ignition coils breaking down to me. You can continue to drive it until it gets worse and the Actual Cylinder Code will get stored. P0302 = cylinder 2; P0304= cylinder 4; etc. This would let you know which cylinder is causing you the trouble. This would be the more affordable approach. Or you start throwing parts at it(not recommended) and replace all the plugs(probably needs it anyway) and then replace the coils(expensive and hope that one of the injectors isn’t back(not very likely but happens).

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