1999 ford escort se

i have a massive fuel leak out of charcoal canister. been all over this car and finally hooked up a obd2 reader and it gave me a p0190 and p0193 code which mean bad fuel rail pressure sensor and high fuel pressure/ so i go to my Haynes and look for location of fuel rail pressure sensor and there’s a picture of it tight on the rail next to a injector. so i pop the hood and there is no sensor there, at all, no wires, no connector. there is a fuel regulator in place of sensor, problem is, i looked it up and this year escort does not have a regulator, only a sensor. looked at the location again in Haynes again and the pic shows exact location of where there is suppose to be a sensor, but nothing anywhere near there except a regulator. my question is do you think some idiot put in the wrong fuel rail. just bought the car for 500 bucks and the kid said it leaked gas and he knew nothing about vehicles. the car runs, but pours gas out of canister. would this sensor being not there make this happen or would there be a crossed vacuum/fuel line somewhere? need help, this is frustrating!

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  1. It is quite possible that the parts or even the entire engine is form a different vehicle. When you buy something used its difficult to know the history.

    I would think you have a bad Fuel vapor control valve. It is supposed to prevent fuel from entering the vapor lines.

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